Wonderware InTouch Reports without Historian

Wonderware InTouch Reports without Historian

Ever wonder how to build Wonderware InTouch reports without Historian?   Not every Wonderware InTouch SCADA/HMI application warrants a full blown historian system–perhaps yours is one of them.  In fact, InTouch does a very nice job of logging historical data all on its own.   InTouch logs historical data right out of the box to its native LGH file format.  So how can you take advantage of the built in historical logging available in InTouch and still gain easy access to data and provide reports as if you had a full blown historian?  Consider using WorkSmart’s LGH File Inspector as your all in one query and reporting solution. […]

How to Open LGH Files Effortlessly

Have you ever wondered how to open LGH files without using a Wonderware tool?

Wonderware InTouch LGH files are created daily by many InTouch HMI and SCADA applications all around the world.   These files contain your application’s historical data stored in a binary format.   LGH File Inspector reads these files and can export the data to an Excel workbook or CSV file.

WorkSmart’s LGH File Inspector can open and read LGH files through an intuitive user interface.  Here’s how to open LGH files using LGH File Inspector: […]