WorkSmart Releases LGH File Inspector for Wonderware InTouch

Sacramento, CA – WorkSmart Automation recently released its latest software tool LGH File Inspector for Wonderware InTouch for opening LGH history files generated by Wonderware InTouch Human Machine Interface (HMI) software and querying the data they contain.  The query results can be exported to a Microsoft Excel workbook.

LGH LogoCommonly referred to as “LGH files” by those familiar with Wonderware InTouch HMI software, the data contained in these files has traditionally been accessible only through the Wonderware HistData Utility and other Wonderware tools.  LGH File Inspector simplifies this process and doesn’t require HistData or InTouch to run.

Getting started, users will find LGH File Inspector installation is quick and easy.  There is no special setup or configuration necessary.  After installing, users simply browse to the folder containing LGH files then query.  A list of InTouch tag names found in the files is automatically generated.

Adding to its ease of use, queries can be built in just three steps:

  1. Select starting date, time, the duration, and the interval for returning data.
  2. Drag and drop tags to query into the “Query Tags List”.
  3. Click the “Run Query” button and specify the output options.

In addition, LGH File Inspector queries can be saved and executed automatically without having to reopen LGH File Inspector.   Advanced query options provide the ability to schedule a query to execute at regular intervals and update an Excel workbook automatically or simply execute the query then show the results in an Excel workbook.

Also, LGH File Inspector makes it easy to switch between multiple InTouch applications—making it a very useful tool for end users, systems integrators, engineering firms, and consultants who work on multiple projects.

Likewise, service providers who require historical data to assist with design decisions and recommendations for their clients will appreciate the ability to perform data analysis from the convenience of their own office using the LGH files provided by their client.

“The LGH File Inspector tool has been requested over and over again by our customers, systems integrators, plant managers, analysts, and engineers – filling a need for many who need more convenient access to data.” says Dan Jones, WorkSmart’s president and CEO.  “And we’re excited to team with Software Toolbox, our exclusive master distributor who will be managing the sales, marketing, and product support as well as managing sales and technical support to Wonderware distributors who wish to resell the product to their clients.”

Since 1996, we’ve focused on helping users, SIs and OEMs derive more value from their automation software investments by providing add-on products, utilities, and tools to solve problems.  The LGH File Inspector is that type of tool and is a cost-effective, simple to use solution” says John Weber, Software Toolbox’s president and CEO.

Visit Software Toolbox to download a FREE trial.

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