September 1, 2016

HMI Data Copy Application

The Problem:

WorkSmart developed the HMI Data Copy Application for one of our clients who needed to get data from tab delimited text files into Wonderware Historian.

This client had multiple outlying stations with HMI terminal units that logged tab delimited data from the local programmable logic controller (PLC).  The outlying stations communicate back to a Wonderware InTouch HMI / SCADA application with Historian via radio.  However,  the radio link is not always reliable and results in gaps and erroneous data at the Historian.   The goal was to have a solid stream of historical data at the Historian.  To accomplish this, we needed to back-fill gaps and update erroneous data at the Historian with data from the locally created tab delimited files.

The Solution:

HMI Data Copy Application

HMIDataCopy - HMI Data Copy ApplicationTo solve the data gap problem, WorkSmart developed a custom C# application that monitors a local folder on the SCADA/HMI computer for new files.  Placing tab delimited files in the watch folder causes the HMI Data Copy application to begin reading the data and create new files formatted specifically for importing by Wonderware Historian.  Next, Wonderware Historian recognizes the properly formatted file and reacts by importing the data into its circular log files.  Finally, the tab delimited files are moved to a separate archive folder indicating the data they contain has been imported.  The result is a solid stream of historical data at the Historian.

The customer developed a standard operating procedure to copy the tab delimited files from the outlying stations to the local monitor folder on a regular basis.

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